Busy hospital expands with the help of innovative thinking

“EFCO provided innovative thinking and a custom design and installation approach.” —  Rick Medlin, Project Manager, Roy Anderson Corp

Construction Manager: Roy Anderson Corp
Customer: Glass Incorporated
EFCO Products: 8750XD Unitized Curtain Wall, 5600 Curtain Wall
Architect: Gastinger Walker Harden Architects

Serving more than 80,000 patients in both urgent care and admissions each year as one of the largest hospitals in the area, Gulfport Memorial Hospital has a significant impact on the surrounding Gulfport, Mississippi, community. The busy hospital needed to enhance its existing facility to accommodate more patients and improve energy efficiency.

Looking to replace the existing three stories of brick exterior walls with unitized curtain walls while adding four stories to the hospital, Roy Anderson Corp sought EFCO’s help to provide an innovative product solution. EFCO’s 8750XD unitized curtain wall and 5600 curtain wall were ultimately chosen for their resilience, adaptability and energy efficiency.

However, this large, fast-paced project posed some unique design and performance challenges for EFCO.

Hurricane and Resistance Testing

The hospital is large-missile impact-resistant up to 30 feet, and small-missile impact-resistant above 30 feet. To meet hurricane code requirements for the expansion project, EFCO needed to test the 8750XD curtain wall products’ missile impact resistance. These tests can take up to 15 weeks — not an acceptable option given the hospital’s tight timeline. EFCO gave Gulfport Memorial Hospital top priority, teaming up with the architect, general contractor and glass company prior to impact testing to ensure that design and performance criteria were followed accurately. Working together with the other experts, EFCO was able to get the 8750XD impact-certified in just 7 weeks.

Innovative Solutions

At 100,000 square feet, the building itself posed some key challenges. Because a large area of the hospital would need to stay up and running during the project, the curtain wall construction could not be done from inside. Stepping up to the challenge, EFCO worked with the glazier to determine the proper means and methods to install the new curtain wall from the outside of the building — completely wrapping the existing brick exterior, which was torn down once the new curtain wall was in place.

On this renovation project, there was much to do onsite and on the fly: resurveying, readjusting and reengineering anchors as well as configuring the radius on the rotunda areas at the bottom of the build. To accommodate the curved rotunda, EFCO used a combination of 5600 curtain wall and smaller, unitized segments of 8750XD curtain wall — installing both products with the help of a custom corner application.

By providing innovative thinking and a custom design and installation approach, EFCO delivered an intuitive, high-end, durable and energy-efficient solution — on-time and on-budget.

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