Creating a more sustainable school

See how EFCO’s 5600 Curtain Wall with high-performance glass and sunshades helped satisfy the natural day lighting requirements for a LEED-certified school – Twin Rivers Primary/Intermediate School in McKeesport, PA.

Architect: JC Pierce, LLC
Customer: Gurtner & Sons, LLC

EFCO Products: 5600 Curtain Wall, E-Shade™, 401/402/403 Storefront, D500 Entrance Doors and WV410 Vents

Design specifications of the Twin Rivers Primary/Intermediate School incorporated LEED Gold criteria. The EFCO curtain wall with high-performance glass and sunshades helped to satisfy the requirements for natural day lighting. The school sought to be sustainable with initiatives that included wind turbine generators, geothermal heating and cooling and a nonpotable-use rain-water collection system.