Constructing an energy-efficient and secure global defense building

When building new headquarters after relocating to Sterling Heights, Michigan, BAE Systems selected EFCO’s curtain walls, storefronts and entrance doors to create a cutting-edge exterior that addressed sustainability and provided maximum security.

Architect: Smith Group
EFCO Products: 5600 Curtain Wall, S433 Storefront, and D500 Entrances.

The striking exterior of the BAE facility can be seen for miles. The company’s complex is made up of a four-story office building with an attached 55,000-square-foot prototyping facility. One of the world’s largest global defense, security and aerospace system contractors, BAE Systems developed a plan to consolidate current operations in a highly secure, efficient, modern facility while focusing on employee and customer comfort and accessibility.

Construction needed to move quickly due to the impending frigid Michigan winter. With the clock ticking, all teams were challenged to work together to keep the Sterling Heights facility on track and on budget.

EFCO was approached during the search for highly durable and aesthetically appealing curtain wall and storefront products. Stepping up to the design challenge and the extra-tight timeline, EFCO used 3-D software technology to design the framing system and determine the size, radius and angle of the building’s curved glass. EFCO also created custom angled horizontals to allow the exterior covers to remain parallel to the ground.

The selection of 5600 curtain wall gave the state-of-art custom exterior its modern appeal, and S433 storefronts and D500 entrance doors provided the desired maximum security. Working through an extremely complex project with an ambitious timeline, EFCO was able to deliver on time and on budget.