Aesthetics: The Hidden Reward of Envelope Analysis

Identifying ways to cut energy costs ranks high and for good reason: An analysis can pinpoint ways to slash energy costs up to 30 to 40 percent. Those monthly savings can net an owner a surprisingly fast payback.

Compelling? No question. Yet, a traditional envelope analysis frequently overlooks a factor that can be equally transformative.

That’s why the Envelope Analysis tool from Pella EFCO Commercial Solutions leapfrogs traditional survey methods by also examining aesthetics.

Property aesthetics can, in some circumstances, trump all other retrofit considerations. The visual result of a thoughtfully-designed envelope upgrade can be profound. Consider these possible outcomes:

Envelope Analysis that does not take into account aesthetics distorts the true ROI of the property upgrade. The next-generation Envelope Analysis tool goes beyond the expected to deliver critical insights offered by no other analysis service.

As you consider your upgrade options, keep the Envelope Analysis tool from Pella EFCO Commercial Solutions in mind. There’s nothing like it for a true 360-degree, big-picture understanding of energy cost savings, increased occupant comfort, and enhanced beauty. To learn more, call 800-591-7777.